eNPS - Employee Net Promoter Score

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), a derivative of the popular NPS system, allows employers to measure employee loyalty and engagement.

NPS was developed by Satmetrix, Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld, and became popular with the publication of Reichheld’s book, The Ultimate Question. It has become a popular metric due to its direct correlation to profitable growth.

To calculate a company’s eNPS, employees must first be divided into three categories:

Promoters – loyal employees who will recommend working at your company, and who are more engaged in the workplace. Promoters are happy employees who create happy customers, in turn driving company growth

Passives – employees who are satisfied, but could be lured away by the competition easily; Passives are not enthused about your company; they are not engaged and do not drive business growth

Detractors – your unhappy employees who are detrimental to business growth as they spread negative word-of-mouth. They are not engaged and will not provide the level of customer experience required to create customers who are promoters.

The Ultimate Question

By asking a simple question “How likely are you to recommend working at [ABC Company] to a friend or colleague?” you can determine the size of each of these groups, and calculate your eNPS® as follows:

The Ultimate Question – Part Two

You want to know if your employees are recommending working for you, and you should also ask if they are recommending buying from you! Are they a true brand ambassador promoting your products or services to others?

Important Follow Up Questions

By including two follow up questions your employees are able to provide candid feedback about your organization and ways you can improve the employee experience.

  1. WHY did you choose that score? This is asked about both working for and buying from your company.
  2. HOW can we improve?

These 5 simple questions are actually very powerful and will provide you with actionable areas for improvement.

Key Benefits of an eNPS Program

  • Short survey which is quick and easy for all employees to complete
  • Survey results are easy to interpret and share
  • Surveys can be done at various stages of employment (training, performance review, hiring anniversary, etc.)
  • Monitoring of your eNPS over time will provide benchmarks for success and future growth
  • Engaged, loyal employees will provide exceptional customer service, creating loyal and satisfied customers

You must ensure you have loyal and engaged employees to ensure future growth of your business. Do you know your eNPS?

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