Listen to your employees – they drive profits!

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Female cashier in a store

One of the key factors driving customer loyalty is employee engagement.

Everyone likes to shop or make purchases at a place where the environment makes you feel appreciated, always welcome, and that you are their most important customer. Engaged employees who are passionate about their work will always provide this type of environment for your customers, and they will become loyal customers spreading positive feedback about their experience at your business.

If your team of people that interact with your customers is not engaged, they really don’t care about your business and customers, and that will be evident in the customer service they provide. It will also be reflected in your customer loyalty, negative word of mouth, and declining Net Promoter Score (NPS).

One of the benefits of NPS is its ability to also measure Employee NPS or eNPS.

Based on the standard NPS questions, Employee Net Promoter Score asks employees:

•    How likely are you to refer Our Company as an employer to friends and colleagues?

You also want to find out if your employees are recommending your products and/or services, so including this question is key:

•    How likely are you to refer Our Company’ products/services to friends and colleagues?

eNPS is a simple yet powerful way to listen to your employees, which is also timely and cost effective. Done on a regular basis, eNPS is a key performance indicator that will help you grow your business with both loyal customers and employees.

If you are listening to your customers, why aren’t you listening to your employees? They are one of your most valuable assets, even though they may not appear on your balance sheet.