What We Do

“What are my customers saying about me? What do our employees say when asked about us? Are they recommending us to their friends?”

InstaPulse is here to provide the answers for you!

It is a known fact that positive Word Of Mouth is the best and most cost effective marketing tool available to any business. With billions of social media users worldwide, your customers’ opinions are more powerful than ever. Your employees should be your best brand advocates. It’s critical that you know and ensure that they are all satisfied and are promoting your business. Do you really know what they’re saying?

Our cost-effective survey solution includes survey creation, hosting and live cloud-based dashboard reporting of your results.

You will have the answer to 3 Key Questions:

1. How many of your customers and employees are PROMOTERS?

Pro-mot-er: [Pruh-moh-ter]~noun- A person or thing that promotes, furthers or encourages. Someone who is an active supporter and advocate

InstaPulse will help you determine exactly how many of your customers/employees are recommending your business to their friends and colleagues. An honest referral from a friend or colleague is by far the best endorsement, promotion and growth measure of any product or service. You need to know if you are being referred or worse, not!

2. What are your customers and employees saying about you? Would you be interested in knowing exactly why you are or are not being referred to others by your customers and employees? We can tell you what they are saying about you, whether they are a Promoter or a Detractor. Knowing this information is vital to the success of your business.

3. How can we improve and create more promoters? Your customers and employees can provide valuable recommendations on how you can improve their experiences with your business. You simply need to ask and be willing to listen to their responses. Their feedback will provide actionable solutions to improve their interactions with you.

Can you afford the consequences of not knowing the answers to these 3 Key Questions? You need to have this information in order to make decisions that will ensure the success of your business, through the growth and development of Promoters.

InstaPulse provides you with the answers to these 3 important questions, in a timely and cost effective manner, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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